About Us

Inspiration Media is a specialist health and wellbeing content provider that assists organisations to engage and motivate their employees to take a greater responsibility for their wellbeing.

METHOD – Our strategic publication creation and content development experience creates professional health and wellbeing publications for employers. Through creatively conveying clinically accurate knowledge to employees we create positive opportunities for readers to improve their personal health and wellbeing.

CONTENT MIX – Each publications editorial structure provides long and short form content styles to engage all reader preferences- e.g. features stories, individual case studies, new research, clinician’s tips, motivating quotes, employee Q&As, competitions to win health related prizes, quick polls, healthy recipes, infographics, links to further reading and help pathways. All provided in a visually fun and colorful publication with emotive photography.

ENGAGEMENT– By building an individual relationship with employees we can subtly and positively showcase solutions to many common health and wellbeing issues.

REACH – Our solution provides a ‘whole of workforce’ wellbeing program, digitally delivered through your internal email system. Our work can provide a stand-alone or complementary wellness initiative.

NO DISRUPTION – The Inspiration Media model is designed to work seamlessly with your business requiring only a small management commitment to execute. We do all the work.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Our bespoke content management system allows our clients to view your employee readership metrics in real time on a unique and simple dashboard. This provides both ROI (return on investment) and VOI (value on investment) data from which you can evaluate our part in your program at any time.

COST EFFECTIVE – The best part is that our solution provides your entire workforce with a wellness resource regardless of where they work geographically.

Health and wellbeing is a personal responsibility. Your organisation will benefit from being the provider and enabler of positive resources to inspire their journey.