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The right information can engage and motivate people to embark on a lifestyle change. However, the problem with most health content today is that its often negatively pitched using fear as an agent of change – “red meat is carcinogenic”; “eggs are cholesterol bombs”; “eat kale, don’t eat kale”; “too much exercise is dangerous” and so on.

Another issue is the proliferation of social media’s so called ‘health experts’ that espouse a variety of clinically unproven or unsustainable crash diets, weird additives, unhealthy food consumption patterns, harsh exercise regimes etc. all driven by images of beautiful people. Most of these ‘experts’ are also influencers and promoters of various products within their blogs which makes trusting their views problematic.

The simple truth is most people are confused about practical ways to achieve sustainable health and wellbeing.

Our work delivers trusted and reliable health and wellbeing knowledge in a program for all employees.